Manufacturing and creation of luxury French lingerie

Reveal the beauty of your femininity with the subtle and provocative lingerie of Assia Lingerie. 100% made in France models.

« I want my collections to be right for women who have the taste for beauty »

creation of luxury French lingerie

The style of Assia's creative lyonnaise is unique, inspired by a sensitivity, very far from stereotypes. Assia lingerie is the choice of 100% French manufacture. For more than 15 years, the esprut of Assia celebrates women in their femininity and refinement in France and internationally. It expresses its creativity, its sensitivity and its style by staging the most beautiful materials. First designer in lingerie to use lamé fabric, Assia likes to surprise: embroidery of wool, devoured velvet, Swarovski, dress his creations.

"I want my collections to be right for women who have the taste for beauty.
That is the spirit of my brand. "

« My embroideries come from the biggest French, Italian and Swiss houses, they are the heart of my inspiration, each model is exclusively made in France, in my workshops »

Assia Lingerie

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Manufacture - French craftsmanship

french women s lingerie

Assia creates and produces her designs in her own workshops. Thanks to the subtlety of her designs, she has brought a revival in the world of lingerie. The embroideries that adorn her designs come from the biggest Italian and French fashion houses and are at the very heart of her inspiration. Each model is exclusively made in France and boasts a unique style. Because, for Assia, there is no compromise on quality.

« Assia is convinced that French craftsmanship is essential to have a good grasp of the quality. That is why Assia has chosen to make feminine lingerie boasting 100% French quality. »

women-s-lingery workshop

Amazone by Assia - Breast Cancer Lingerie

Assia rebels with Amazone

Because the Amazons were real warriors and breast cancer awakens the spirit of combat, Assia decided to put her creative talents at the service of women, who like her, despite the trials, claim their femininity to the life wearing a beautiful French lingerie. Assia wants all these women to be reborn as "AMAZONE". More than a refined lingerie, it is the lingerie of the rebels ... The brand Amazone by Assia offers lingerie lines of size 85 A to 105E for SG and size T0 to T6 for stockings.

Breast Cancer Lingerie
Amazone by Assia

« Luxury our tradition »


Creation of French Woman's Lingerie


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